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Dalnaspidal, Loch Garry Gatehouse (adit), Duinish Bothy, Scotland.
[18.3 km] Tue 11Jul 2023

Lat/Long: 56.832317, -04.222893
OS Grid ref: NN 64384 73391
I spent the night in the small car park by the old Dalnaspidal Railway Station. There was a tremendous amount of rain overnight so I delayed my start until 7am when it had almost stopped. My plan was to walk all the way round Loch Garry but as there is no path at the west end i knew Id have to wade across 2 rivers and have no idea how much water thered be in them. I crossed the railway level crossing and followed the stoned track along the north shore of Loch Garry.

Approach to Loch Garry.

Loch Garry.

Loch Garry.
The water level is very low as it is now used as a feeder into Loch Ericht 5 miles to the west and 55m lower. This gives Garry a very unusual appearance as the level varies drastically and no longer flows down Glen Garry as it used to before the hydro electric tunnel. I was fortunate that the rain held off for most of my walk and it looked quite fine at first. I reached the Garry Ericht tunnel portal building which gives no clue as to its purpose.
Loch Garry Gatehouse.

Jetty and Loch Garry Gatehouse.

In front is a concrete jetty construction which is probably where the underwater sluice gate is continued for another mile until the track ends at a gate. Up to the right was a waterfall in spate and a river crossing with some submerged stepping stones. Fortunately I wa able to get across without much difficulty. The path ahead was very indistinct across a wet area of boggy ground. The recent heavy rain hasn't helped.

possible adit gate

Hydro generating station.

Two bridges.
Eventually I reached the river coming in from the west and followed the path by its bank up to another building. This one seemed more recent and was a generating station discharging into the river. I couldnt see where the output power cables went. The track continued up the river to two bridges. The first had substantial stone abutments and timber span and further upstream a much more substantial concrete and steel bridge. I crossed the first bridge and joined the track onwards towards the obscured Duinish bothy. I soon saw it to the left and followed the branch track down to the bothy..

Duinish Bothy.

Duinish Bothy intrior.

Duinish Bothy intrior.
I had a good view across the flat valley that I had to cross but couldn't see the river level properly, even using binoculars. There was a low tied up gate to the entrance foyer and the main door was unlocked. I went inside and found the whole place swept and tidy. As I left and I re-tied the low gate & heard an engine and soon a large land rover appeared, drove down the track and stopped outside the bothy. A man got out and said he was delivering equipment for a film crew that were due to arrive later today. They were filming something about wheelchair access. I wanted to get on with his job and didn't want to chat so I left. I set off roughly east to cross the low boggy area towards the river. I had to make several diversions to avoid swampy areas. At the river it didn't seem as bad as Id thought but I had to walk south and upstream to find a crossing spot where I could wade across.

Inlet to Loch Garry.
The ground was a bit higher on the far side and I passed an old shieling ruin that isnt marked on the map. The next river was a bit more of a problem as a side tributary was narrow but deep mud on the bottom. Once across the main river was wider but not too deep to be a problem. I was using my old socks and karimat inserts on my feet and kept them on for a while until the ground was solid enough to put my boots back on. Following the fence north I was able to reach the track on the east side of Loch Garry and then had an easy walk above the loch shore and back to the car. Id originally planned to stay another night but decided against it due to approaching rain. I drove back towards Kinloch Rannoch and stayed near the road junction. The rain started as I arrived and continued very heavy for a while.
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