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Dalnaspidal, Loch Garry, Allt Poll Dubh (Black Hole Burn), Glen Garry, Scotland.
[19.3 km] Thu 15Jun 2023

Lat/Long: 56.832317, -04.222893
OS Grid ref: NN 64384 73391
Last night Iíd stayed in the car park above the old Dalnaspidal railway Station. It was a clear sunny evening and even after a very late sunset it didn't get dark at all. I was up around 4am due to the light morning and decided to take advantage and get an early start to the walk. Yesterday was quite warm and reached the high 20s. The morning was pleasantly cool a I heated my breakfast pan outside. After a hot coffee I set off around 04:55am and headed across the railway crossing then south along the track by Dalnaspidal Lodge. I reached part way across the first dam then turned left over a gate and into long dewy wet grass that I followed over the embankment to a bridge over the main river.

Loch Garry in the distance.

Garry Intake building.
Up the track I turned right to head for a track along the east side of Loch Garry. Itís a route I was unsure about it being a viable route even though it's shown on the map. The main track along the west side of the loch is on a known through walking route to Loch Rannoch but this track goes a long way round the mountain. I needn't have been concerned as it was a well made vehicle track. The clear sky promised another warm day but even though it was early and the sun was up but I was soon in shade. about half way along the loch I was surprised to see a large tent and 4*4 vehicle on the opposite shore. There was somebody driving the vehicle so presumably they were camping. being on private land I can only assume they were fishing. A bit further to the south on them was an interesting building called Garry Intake building on the map.
There seemed to be an inlet into the loch below it. The loch level was very low and must be about 10m down from the high water line. I continued to the end of the loch at a gate and sheep pens. Across the valley I could see a relatively modern building that seemed to be near a small dam and further south an odd stone building that seemed to be part bothy and half without a roof. I looked across the valley to see if there was a way of linking the routes. With a low river level it would be possible Loch Garry is part of a hydro scheme and seems to have an outlet tunnel leading under the mountain to Loch Ericht in the west. I continued up the well made track and started a steady climb along Allt Poll Dubh. The surrounding landscape was deserted but I had nice views of the distant mountains. I was hoping to see Schiehallion but it wasnít visible. Over the top of the pass I started a steady descent towards the main A9 and Glen Garry. It wasnít long before I could see the vehicles moving along the A9. Lower down there were several old shielings either side of the road.

Fancy bothy

Interior through the window.
Below I could see a new and rather fancy bothy so I crossed some rough ground to have a look. It was locked but I was able to peer through the windows to get a view inside. I followed the track down to the main track parallel to the railway and A9.

'This point marks the centre of Scotland 1st May 2009 Allister Andy, Dave, Jamie, Jim'

The post in Glen Garry.
I turned left to look for a point marked on Google maps as the centre of Scotland. Before getting to the published coordinates I noticed an old stake away from the track with a metal plate saying 'This point marks the centre of Scotland 1st May 2009 Allister Andy, Dave, Jamie, Jim'. I continued up the glen to reach the Dalnaspidal buildings. The track to the right took me to the main farmyard where sheep were fenced in so I returned then out via the main house whee a woman was playing with her children on the lawn. I reached the railway level crossing the up the road back to may car.
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