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Wythop Mill, Wythop Old Church (ruin), Sale Fell, Rivings, Cumbria.
[11.4 km] Thu 01 Jun 2023

Lat/Long: 54.659626, -03.255816
OS Grid ref: NY 18999 30130
I had a pleasant sunny drive to the start of my walk at the Church of St Margaret, Wythop west of Bassenthwaite. It is on a remote narrow lane and I was puzzled by the large number of parked (and empty) cars in the area and along the lane. Iíd gone for an early start so the time was only just after 7am. I started by having a look in the church which thankfully was unlocked. In the porch was the lintel from the old original Wythop Church on the opposite side of the fell.

St Margaret's Church Wythop.

Church interior.

Lintel from the Old Wythop Church is in St Margaret's porch.
Further along the road was the Old Sunday School dated 1887. In St Margaretís Church was an information sheet about it which reads as follows:
The Sunday School was built by public subscription in 1887, Queen Victoria's Jubilee year, on land given, as for the Church, by Sir Henry Vane.
It was for educational, parochial or other purposes in connection with the chapelry of Wythop and for promoting the religious, moral, social and intellectual welfare and rational recreation of the inhabitants thereof.
The building was to be under the control and management of the Incumbent and Churchwardens.

Line drawing of the Sunday School
can be seen in St Margaret's Church.
However, no activities shall affect or prejudice the right which Sir Henry Vane and the parishioners have to the use of the 3-stalled stable underneath the Sunday School, and the stable shall for ever hereafter remain for the use of Sir Henry, his heirs and other parishioners of Wythop.
The Sunday School was sold in 1977, but as planning permission was not given for its conversion into a home, it changed hands again shortly afterwards, and is still in private ownership.
Behind the school it looks as though some excavation works have been done.

The Old Sunday School.

Rear view.

The former Globe Inn.

Wythop, The Globe 7th Mar 20212
I continued along the lane to Wythop Mill and up the hill to the building that used to be the Globe Inn. It is now a private house but when I first walked here on 7th Mar 2012 it still seemed to be the Inn. After a sharp left I came to the old school which is now a holiday rental home that can accommodate up to 10 people. It closed as a school in 1978.

The Old Wythop School is now a holiday let.
I was climbing above the ste
It continued a beautiful sunny day as I continued up the lane to Old Scales where I stopped to photograph the old outbuilding with an iron boiling pot inside. I left the lane further on to cross the fields by a footpath and into Chapel Wood.

Outbuilding at Old Scales.

Iron boiling pot.

Approaching the old chapel.

The same view in 1865,

Site of the Old Wythop Church
from 1904

The same view in 1865,
After a short climb I came to the track to the site of the Old Kelsick Church. Only low walls remain but there is a substantial headstone from 1904 specifying the site.
It may have been built in the 14th century but was in existence in the mid 16th century. It was pulled down in 1865 and a new St Margaret's built on the north side of Sale fell. In Aug each year an open air service is held here.

Wythop Church aerial view.

The Old Wythop Church.

Rivings cairn with Skiddaw in the background.
I continued past Kelswick Farm then turned right up the fell to the summit of Sale Fell where there are two low summits. There were now several groups of walkers about. I walked over to Rivings where there is a low cairn then headed down to the east through thick gorse to find the track down through the woods. On the way down I passed the Wythop Forestry Depot buildings then down to the road and back to my car.

Bassenthwaite Station cafe.

Replica steam engine.
On the drive back I stopped by the Bassenthwaite Lake Station which is now a cafe.
The station closed in 1966 but has now been renovated along with a full-scale replica steam locomotive, which featured in the 2017 movie Murder on the Orient Express. I is a French SNCF Class 241 engine, complete with tender, buffet car, baggage carriage and salon.
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