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East Tempar, Tempar Burn Bothy, Schiehallion South Observatory site, Scotland.
[16.2 km] Wed 19 Apr 2023

Lat/Long: 56.6934, -4.1219
I started the walk at the Lassintullich parking area then continued west along the road for just over a kilometre to the gate at East Tempar. Through the gate I started on the track up to the pass. It was a clear sky but was still cold at just above freezing. I made a short detour to check out an old limekiln that is shown on the old map and is now very overgrown with its own tree growing on top. Climbing steadily south I reached the head of Tempar Burn and also the early morning sunshine. As the track ended I reached the bothy that I’ve visited a few times before but never in the sunshine.
Old limekiln.

Bothy interior.

Kate's book - Finding Home.
The last time I was here I had to turn back because of a snow blizzard. I went inside and took a few photos including one with Kate’s book ‘Finding Home’ propped on the seat where Kate sat 18 months ago while she was researching the book.

Horse drawing inside the bothy.
Today’s objective is to find the least difficult way up to the Schiehallion south observatory site from 1774. I left the booth by a narrow path heading SE. It is marked on the map but heads down towards the bottom of the valley. I kept on it for about a kilometre then had to leave it to maintain altitude and follow the contour. The path came and went for a while with some deep heather in places. Heading up a narrow animal track took me up to easier ground and it was possible to see the way ahead. The terrain was much easier than the map suggests and it was only the last part of the walk that was steep and difficult in places.
South observatory site.
I reached the excavated shelf that was levelled off around 250 years ago for the delicate instruments to be fixed. There are two other levelled areas but much smaller. It is interesting to note that there is a good 4G signal and also DAB radio reception which is interesting as there is no DAB in the valley. Instead of just reversing my route for the return I descended by an easier looking stretch of ground with less deep heather. I took my time on the descent and soon rejoined the route I’d followed on the ascent. When I reached the bothy it was bathed in sunshine but the temperature hadn’t risen much. I continued north and down the track I’d used on the climb. At the road I turned right and back to the car.

Bothy in the sunshine on the way back.
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