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White Coppice, Coppice Stile House (ruin), Merestone, Well Ln., Blackhurst Hall (ruin), The Lowe, Lancashire.
[8.2 km] Thu 12 Jan 2023

Lat/Long: 53.666561, -02.577675
OS Grid ref: SD 61928 19053
After overnight rain I drove to White Coppice for 8am. The rain had stopped as I headed up ‘The Gorge’ to do a reconnoitre walk for a possible future guided walk. With all the recent rain the brook was almost in flood over the waterfalls. Above the quarry the path follows the north side of the brook and I continued to the old mine adit on the far bank.
The Goit waterfall in flood.

Sunrise at Coppice Stile House ruin.
The river was too high to get across to have a closer look. Further upstream I had to make some detours as parts of the path were underwater. At the first wall on the left a minor path heads up a side stream and I followed it up to the main White Coppice & Great Hill path higher up. Here I turned left to reach the ruins of Coppice Stile House. I turned north to follow the minor and very wet in places, path. Along here I was able to get a good view of the Round Loaf Burial mound behind. Reaching the stone gate posts I turned right and uphill to check the ancient Merestone then continued to the stoned track where I turned left.


The Flowering Jug ruins.

Ruins of Heather Lea.
The views of Cumbria, Bowland and Yorksire ahead were impressive. I headed down Well Lane then left at the bridge above the waterfall and into the woods. The ruins of ‘New Ground were on my right and clearly visible in the trees and undergrowth. One part used to be an Ale House called the ‘Flowering Jug. Continuing along the track I reached Heather Lea then on to Blackhurst Hall ruins.
Heather Lea before demolition.

Animal Byre near Blackhurst.

My next objective was Marsden’s Farm ruins but the path shown on the map was blocked in a few places by fallen trees. I was able to get around but I’ll have to find an alternative route for the future. The wet path continued down to the path by the Goit. I followed the Goit path to the right branch where I headed for ‘The Lowe’ properties.

Inside the Byre.

Ruins of Blackhurst Hall.

Tenon top gatepost.

The ford.
The path was indistinct but I eventually waded through the mud and through the gate where there is a nice Tenon Top Gatepost. The concrete farm track continued down to the ford at brookside Cottages where I crossed by the footbridge. Turning left I walked back along the rutted road to my car at the Cricket Ground car park.
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