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Mosedale, Roundhouse, Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale, Mungrisdale, St Kentigern Church, Cumbria.
[10.8 km] Wed 25 May 2022

54.679897, -03.005529
NY 35264 32113

I knew the weather forecast was gloomy and it was also a very windy drive north. I reached Mosedale in the rain and drove a short way along the road towards Grainsgill, turned round and parked on the verge. With full waterproofs on I set off walking west in the rain until I reached Roundhouse and the footbridge over the River Caldew. I looked up through the driving rain and up to the cloud above and the path towards Bowscale Tarn. I was half thinking of walking up to the tarn and cutting the walk short by descending the tarn access track. At the tarn I sat down by the outlet stream and had my butties for an early lunch. 

Start of the walk.

Footbridge over the River Caldew

 Rainy Mosedale.

Bowscale Tarn.
I decided to continue climbing the steep path up the west rim of the tarn crater and see what the weather was doing up there. I felt much better about things on the climb even though it was very windy at the start. At the top of the steep bit the rain eased and I continued up the fell towards the summit stone shelter on Bowscale Fell. The wind was strong and I was in mist but the rain stopped. Over the top I continued straight on towards the cross path area.

 Bannerdale East Ridge.
I turned left down the straight path coming up from Mungrisdale. I was soon below the cloud and had a full view of Bannerdale below. Some people were coming up as I descended. I stopped to chat to one man who was heading over towards Blencathra. In Mungrisdale I reached the road and headed north back towards Mosedale. I stopped to photographe St Kentigern church and went in through the gate to get a better perspective. The church door has always been locked on previous visits but I gave it a try, just in case. It was open so I went inside for a look and a few snaps. Outside I enjoyed the final mile along a dry road through Bowscale and Mosedale Bridge. 

 St Kentigern's.

St Kentigern's.

Township if Mosedale.
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