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Wanthwaite Bridge, Threlkeld Common Settlement, Newsham, Threlkeld Common Museum. Burns Farm, Cumbria.
[8.07 km] Wed 18 May 2022

OS Grid ref: NY 31263 23073
Lat/Long: 54.598136, -03.065433

With a good weather forecast ahead it was a pleasant drive to Wanthwaite Bridge, Cumbria and the road side parking area.
I set off back along the road and over Wanthwaite Bridge. I noticed the house by the bridge had a Ďsoldí sign outside. I reached the road and crossed it to set off up the old coach road. As I got higher and through the gate I could hear the familiar sound of the Hydram pump working in the field over the wall. The outlet pumps to a blue alkathene pipe and as I continued up the lane kept a lookout in the field to see it I could see where it went. There was no sign of it.

 Old Quarry access route.
Higher up I reached the crossing track that was one of the quarry access routes. I turned left and followed it along to a gate with a no access sign. To the right was a track that I followed then left it to turn right up the fell to an old mine heading. The spoil heap outside the entrance was rock so it hadnít been a lead mine. A short distance up the fell I came to the ruined walls of the ancient settlement that I've visited a couple of times before.
Old mine entrance.

 Ancient settlement and Blencathra.

The weather was nice but windy so I found shelter behind a rock and stopped for an early lunch. It was very pleasant when the sun came out. I continued on the contour for a while then descended to Newsham House. It always seems empty when I pass but this time there was a car outside. Down the lane I came to the bridge over the River Glenderamackin but didnít cross it.

 Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum.

The Brown Glutton.
Primary Stonebreaker Leeds England

Museum interior.
I turned left through a gate and across a field to a track that took me up the Threlkeld quarry area where there is a museum higher up. It was open but the entrance charge of £7.50 was for the museum and exhibits higher up. I explained that I didnít have time for a visit but would come back again. He let me have a quick look inside before I left and returned to the rail route footpath below. I followed it to Threlkeld Bridge and the road where I turned left. At the top of the hill I followed a path through the field to Burns Farm and a track across the road back to my car.

 View of Blencathra from the old railway bridge and its rivets.
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