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Threlkeld, River Glenderamakin, Newsham, Ancient Settlement, Clough Head, Hilltop Quarries, Cumbria.
[10.9 km] Tue 29 Mar 2022

OS Grid ref: NY 31632 24994
Lat/Long: 54.615448, -03.060183

The forecast was for mixed weather with some rain. I reached the road to the west of Threlkeld and parked on the hardstanding. Mine was the only car. I walked back through the village then turned right at St Maryís church where the path crosses the field to the A66. The church is rendered on the outside making it look bland and unsightly. A pedestrian island helped crossing the busy road then back into fields to follow the path to River Glenderamackin Bridge. An old lady was there walking her two small dogs. I remember seeing the same lady when I was last here about a year ago.
War memorial in Threlkeld,

 Ancient Settlement.
I continued up the lane, over the route over the old railway to Newsham House. It is a substantial house but was empty.& probably a second home. I left the road here to follow a winding path onto the moor. Through a gate I headed up to a level area where the stones of an ancient settlement can be easily seen. Iíve not been able to find much about it other than it is probably bronze age. The weather was fine so it was the ideal place to stop for my sandwiches.

Looking down on the Old Coach Road.

Top of Red Screes.
A rough track took me up to the old coach road where I turned left to the gate where I followed a steep path leading directly to Clough Head summit trig post. The weather continued fine and fortunately the rain didnít appear. Descending down to the west I followed the diagonal path down below Red Screes.

 Trig Post on Clough Head.

 "Hydram" pump by John Blake, Accrington, Lancashire.
An old track continued down through Hilltop Quarries to return to the old coach road. It was here that I heard the unmistakable noise of a Hydram pump. It is marked on the map as Ďramí and Iíve looked for it in the past. It may have been out of action then. The noise came from over the wall so I found a gate to cross into the field and inspect the working pump. It was well maintained and used water power to pump into a blue plastic pipe on the side. I couldn't see where the pipe went.

Hydram pump in situ.

Railway Bridge abutment sowing possible widening.

 Footpath on stilts near the River Glenderamakin.
A short descent and I was down to the road and about 1 Ĺ mile walk back to the car.
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