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Wanthwaite Bridge, St Johnís in the Vale Church, High Rigg,
Low Bridge End Farm, Cumbria.

[8.5 km] Wed 23 Feb 2022

OS Grid ref: NY 31263 23077
Lat/Long: 54.598176. -03.065447

With strong winds forecast I couldnít have another go at Gategill Fell ridge. That makes 3 attempts rescheduled. I decided on a relatively low level walk over High Rigg, which isnít very high. I parked near Wanthwaite Bridge and walked up the lane to St Johnís in the Vale Church. Instead of entering through the main gate I entered through a lower gate into the extension. The church looked picturesque from the lower level in spite of the gloomy weather.
Graveyard extension.

St John's in the Vale.

ďThese beech trees were planted in memory of George Henry Bainbridge Churchwarden of St John's in the Vale 1952 - 1959Ē

St John's in the Vale school (c1910).

St John's in the Vale school (c1910).

 St John's in the Vale interior.
On my walk up to the church door I noticed a memorial stone in the wall to the Churchwarden. The inscription says ďThese beech trees were planted in memory of George Henry Bainbridge Churchwarden of St John's in the Vale 1952 - 1959Ē. The wind continued very strong and rain began to fall. I went into the church to have another look around and take some photos. I brought my tripod strapped to my rucksack to take photos in the dark interior, even though there were some lights. As I packed away I could hear voices outside and then saw a line of vehicles had turned up to drop lots of children off at the adjacent Youth Centre. I walked by the trees and gate then turned left up the fell. Passing the water supply tank I had a look at the small dam in the river a bit higher up. Up on the fell I was walking into the wind but thankfully the rain wasn't too bad.

Water tanks.

Weir intake.
Instead of going over the summit I took the westerly path above Shaw Bank and continued to the short steep descent to the cross wall between Cowrake Head & Wren Crag. Iíve descended off the fell here before and decided to use it again down to Low Bridge End Farm but this time took a slightly different route which seemed a bit easier. Down at the farm the sign said the cafe was closed.

 Tarn on Cowrake Head.

Felling logs.

Track on the east of the fell.
Turning left I followed the old track along the east side of the fell. It is an interesting mix of stone and grass. At one point a large fallen tree remained that was here the last time. Walking round wasn't a problem and along this stretch I saw a few people out walking. Before the end of the track I left it to step over the fence and down to the lower path by the St Johns Beck to Bridge House. Last time I was here a man was staying but now it was empty. Along the house acces track I joined a short length of path back to my car.

 Bridge House and Blencathra behind.
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