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Threlkeld, Railway Path, River Greta Brigham Forge Bridge, Brundholme Wood, Cumbria.
[10.5 km] Mon 14 Feb 2022

OS Grid ref: NY 31633 24997
Lat/Long: 54.615474, -3.060166

The weather forecast for the week is bad, with very strong winds in a day or so. I decided to go for a walk today as the wind was manageable but rain could be a problem. Yesterday's forecast was for early rain and clearing. It was very rainy for my drive and when I reached Threlkeld the rain and sleet continued and my planned route over Gategill Fell would have been too dangerous.
Waiting for the rain to ease.

I decided to go for a low level walk along the railway path as I did a couple of weeks ago but this time do it clockwise, the other way. I delayed a while then with full waterproof set off along the tarmac walkway. It was easy & pleasant walking and the heavy rain did eventually start to ease.

Milestone near Threlkeld.

 Rainy Railway path and bridge.

 Mossy wall by the track.
By the time Id reached the Bobbin Mill Tunnel it had almost stopped. Once through I took the minor path to the right that took me down to the riverside path and over the bride. I turned right and through a gate where there was a fallen display board showing a path along the river. Another path headed up some stone steps up the hillside so I followed it through the trees.
Bobbin Mill Tunnel.

Eventually I reached the crash barriers and road over the A69. This is the line of the old abandoned road. I followed it up through the trees and along to the descent to Glenderaterra Beck. Over the footbridge I reached Derwentfolds and followed the road back to my car. The weather had cleared a bit and I could see up to Gategill Fell which had fresh snow on the higher slopes.

Letterbox at Wescoe
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