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Legburthwaite, Fisherplace Gill, Brand Gill, Whiteside, Thirlspot, Cumbria.
[9.9 km] Thu 10 Feb 2022

OS Grid ref: NY 31778 18954
Lat/Long: 54.561088, -03.055122

I've returned to Legburthwaite in Cumbria to have another go at Brund Gill and Whiteside. The last time I tried it was too rainy and misty. It was a very windy drive on the motorway and still windy when I set off up the Stanah track to the waterfall at Stanah Gill. I followed the path by the wall heading south towards Fisherplace Gill where I turned left to follow the riverside steeply upwards.
Footbridge below Fisherplace Gill.

Looking down on Legburthwaite.

Fisherplace Gill.

 Brund Gill and the distant Skiddaw in cloud.
I stopped at the high waterfall to take a photo then continue to Brund Gill. It was interesting that I was on a reasonable path by the river that isnít shown on any map yet later on Iíd be following a nonexistent path that is shown on the map. Where the gill narrowed I had to climb higher over rocks to gain a higher path that eventually reached a path shown on the map. The wind was now getting much stronger and the temperature dropping. By the gill it was -2degC but on Whiteside summit it was -4degC. and thin dusting of snow didnt cause any problems.

 Crossing Whiteside Bank.

 Whiteside summit with Helvellyn in the distant clouds.
After finding a spring high up the ground levelled a bit and much easier to walk on. A steeper rocky area eventually took me to the summit of Whiteside where the strong wind made it uncomfortable. I turned right and started a descent toward the Helvellyn path where I met two walkers coming up. They were the only people I saw on the walk. At the saddle I turned right to descend by a path I could see following the fell side. Later it turned out to be the wrong path and I had to descend steeply to a lower path. The next part of my route was supposed to be on a path shown on the map but there was nothing on the ground. I modified my route when I came to a stream descending across easy ground. I followed it down to the route down from Helvellyn. It continued down to Thirlspot Farm and the main A591 road. It was an easy walk back to my car.
Kings Head Inn.

 Castle Rock.
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