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Threlkeld, Glenderaterra valley, Roughtengill, Blencathra, Scales Fell, Cumbria.
[13.6 km] Tue 18 Jan 2022

OS Grid ref: NY 33785 26627
Lat/Long: 54.630414, -03.027212

The morning drive to the start of the walk was noticeably lighter. It was nice to see the almost full moon setting behind Blencathra as I approached along the A66. Instead of parking in the layby near Scales I left my car in the muddy layby on the opposite side of the road.
I set off SW along the path by the road then up to the old road towards Threlkeld. In the village it was approaching 9am as I neared the primary school but it seemed that all the students were inside.

Milepost on the old road.
Higher up I reached the Youth Centre a

“No Parking. Not 5 minutes,
not 30 seconds, not at all!
You could endanger a child's life”

New development.
It was strange that there were no parents hanging about outside. An interesting sign was on the school fence saying “No Parking. Not 5 minutes, not 30 seconds, not at all! You could endanger a child's life”. I continued up the lane but had to walk at the edge as there were patches of ice. Some new buildings were going up which seemed surprising that they got planning permission. At the end of the tarmac lane I continued on the track above Glenderaterra Beck in a northerly direction to a point where a faint track leads off to the right. It headed up Roughtengill so I followed it.

 Lonscale Fell and Little Man behind.

Roughten Gill sheepfold.

Lonscale Fell.
The quad track reduced to a single track and then vanished. I noticed a gate in a fence below o headed down to it. The gate led down to the river so I ignored it and followed the fence higher up the valley. I continued up following the occasional sheep track and found the going relatively easy though a bit slow. I was looking for an old camp site I’d used with Charlie many years ago. I only had an old photo to go by and a view of the fell behind the tent. I couldn’t find a match so gave up and continued up a stream heading directly towards Blencathra summit.
Trig marker ring on Blencathra summit.

 Doddick Fell.

 Walkers on Sharp Edge.
It was a straightforward and steady climb on short grass. The stream started at a spring higher up so I recorded the gps location. Just above it was a low signal but no flat spot for a tent. I was now in mist and continued up to the summit ridge path. Turning left I reached the trig post marker ring which was surrounded by mist. It was -1 degC as I left to follow the path down towards Scales Fell.

 View from Scales Fell.
The zig zag descent didn’t have any icy patches, which was a relief. A bit lower down I was out of the mist. Below that I had a choice of descent routes. Away from the main path I followed the old track shown n the map. It was unused and grassed over but easy to follow. Above the White Horse Inn I took the steep direct descent to the beer garden then down the steps to the road and a short walk back to the car.
Bunkhouses above White Horse Inn.

 White Horse Inn at Scales.
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