Return to Whittle Wanderer

Featherstone, Coanwood Friends Meeting House, Cairn End, Plenmeller (Haltwhistle), Northumberland
[16.3 km]  Wed 16 Dec 2015

OS Grid ref: NY 68211 60739
Lat/Long: 54.940299, -02.497723

I returned to the same car park near Featherstone as last week. This time Iím exploring the area to the east of last weekís walk. The floods over half of the car park have now gone. A very faded sign said that food was available at the Wallace Arms a short way up the road. When I got there is was empty and had been closed for some time. A workman was nearby and he told me it is being refurbished and would be open again at the end of the week. I hope he was right but it looked far from ready to me. I followed the lanes to Mill Hill at Park Burn.

Coanwood Friends Meeting House
The house looked as it was recently occupied but the access track didnít look like it had been used in a while. I headed across a very muddy field to check the footbridge over the river. It was still intact but could see that it had been totally submerge by the floods just over a week ago. I didnít cross it but continued to Hargill House farm and the track to the road. I was back on a narrow lane and followed it to Burn House farm where the Coanwood Friends Meeting House is located.

Coanwood Friends Meeting House interior

Coanwood Friends Meeting House interior.
The sign said:
1760 Historical Chapels Trust Coanwood Friends' Meeting House.
Iíd visited it some years ago while on a bike ride but this time stayed for a while for a good look round and check out the interior. At first I thought the door was locked but it was just tight and needed a push. Inside was uncluttered and tidy which is the way it is supposed to be. There were various quotations written on the walls which I was surprised to see. The outside toilet was a wooden plank with a hole in it and a lid. Next to it is a chemical toilet which is the one that should be used. There is some on-line information about it which you can see here. It says the graveyard is full even though there are only a few headstones. Most of the burials are unmarked.

The weather had been overcast and threatened rain. As I left to head along the lane to Low Byer the drizzle started. At the end of the tarmac I continued along a track to a ruin then to head across open land. The path follows the line of a wall but without any footpath marker I chose the wrong side. Further on I had to climb over to join the route I should have been on. Unfortunately there was no sign of a path on the ground. I had to wade through heather in the wind blown drizzle to find the best route I could. My next objective was to visit the trig post on Cairn End. I eventually reached it but the mist and drizzle prevented me seeing any views.

Sunny Plantation
I left the trig post and headed northwest descending gently off the Moore. The ground was still very rough and at first I found a faint wet track. The track vanished after a while so I headed across the moor the best way I could until I descended to Mill Dam plantation. The path shown on the map does not exist. I reached the road and walked for about 1 mile through Plenmeller and down to the line of the old South Tyne Railway.
South Tyne Railway path
I turned left here and joined the path which now runs along the rail line. The walking was easy but fairly boring as most of the route was in cutting and there was nothing to see. I cross the road at Park Village and continued along the rail cutting back to the site of the old Featherstone Park rail station and the nearby car park.
Featherstone Park rail station