Return to Whittle Wanderer

Patterdale, Deepdale Hause, Grisedale, Paper Bridge, Cumbria.
[15.8 km] Tue 19 May 2015

OS Grid Ref: NY 39728 15821
Lat/Long: 54.534061, -02.932946

Back in Patterdale to explore Deepdale, a valley Iíve never visited before. There had been a lot of recent rain but none as I set off along the A592 south. I left it for a farm track to Deepdale Hall.

A wet Deepdale

After Wall End the track ended and I was on a very wet path. Up ahead I could see the impressive steep rocks faces heading up to Fairfiled. The weather deteriorated and I had to walk in waterproofs as the rain came. There was a nice hanging valley at Sleet Cove which would make a nice camp site but I donít think there was a mobile signal. The way ahead up to Deepdale Hause looked very foreboding but as I got closer a faint path was there to follow and I climbed up without difficulty.

Heading up Deepdale

Over the Hause was a steep path down which levelled out after a while and took me to Grisedale Tarn. The weather improved with some patches of sunshine. I made the descent to Ruthwaite Lodge as many people were making their way up.

Ruthwaite Lodge

One of my objectives was to visit the Paper Bridge I saw last week. It was due to stay up till yesterday and I didnít know if it would still be there. When I got here I was pleased to see it hadnít all gone. Steve Messam, the artist, was there as the structure was being removed. Theyíd only started dismantling it today.


Just a few piles of paper were left. I chatted with him about it and he came over as an OK guy. As I left Alan Hinks, the mountaineer, came bounding up. I had a brief conversation but he soon shot off as I was in mid-sentence underlining his reputation as a grumpy Yorkshireman. Manners cost nothing. I continued my descent down Grisedale then the path by the sports field at Home Farm and back to Patterdale.

Paper remains of the bridge

Steve Messam by what remains of  his bridge.