Return to Whittle Wanderer

Loweswater, Burnbank Fell, Gavel Fell, Hen Comb, Kirkstile Inn, Cumbria.
[15.8 km] Tue 21 Apr 2015

OS Grid Ref: NY 13449 21040
Lat/Long: 54.577135, -03.340489

The recent calm, clear & sunny weather continued into today. There was a lovely sunrise as I drove north along the M6. I reached the small car park to the SE end of Loweswater at Maggieís Bridge to find only one other car in the car park. I set off along the farm track to Watergate Farm then the track heading into the trees.

Across Loweswater


Logs by Loweswater

I tried a couple of photos on my new HTC M9 phone camera which looked OK on the screen. Up an old track I reached Hudson Place where I found the path marker on a slate at ground level. The path skirts round the farm and the next path marker was in a field set in a flat slate on the ground. After Jenkinson Place and Iredale Place I was heading up on a farm track then out onto the fell. Below Burnbank Fell I left the path to follow a wall then a steep scramble up to a faint path that isnít shown on my map.


It took me to the fence at the summit of Burnbank Fell. The clear sun was now starting to haze over the distant views, though I could still see Scotland across the Solway Firth. I managed to find a signal for my phone and was able to upload a couple of my earlier photos to Facebook.

Climbing Burnbank Fell

Continuing south to Blake Fell some stretches of path were a bit soggy, even with the recent lack of rain. Continuing down to Fothergill Head I climbed again to Gavel Fell. The views were good, especially those towards Buttermere and Mellbreak. I now needed to descent to Whiteoak Moss but there was no path shown on the map and none on the ground.

Fleetwith Pike in the distance

It didnít matter because the steep descent was straightforward. Across the tussocky moss I started the climb of Hen Comb. I found the faint path that climbs it from the south and headed steadily up. At a distance the mountain looked a long way up but taking it steady on the path I seemed to get to the top fairly quickly. It is a very nice summit and I could see several people on their way up from the north.

From Hen Comb to Grasmoor

I started the steep descent then ambled along the flat and easy stretch across Loweswater Fell. After a mile I followed the path down to Mosedale Beck and easily hopped across the ford. In wet weather I can see this crossing being a problem. Then I joined the track which descended between walls towards Loweswater. Over the wall to the left I could see the ancient earth works in the field though nothing seems to be known about them.

Mosedale Beck ford

Down the track I came to the picturesque Church Bridge and would have to have gone in the field to take a picture but a sign said private no entry and there too many people about. At the Kirstile Inn there were several people enjoying food an drinks out in the sunshine. I was now on the road and walked the remaining mile back to the car park and my car.

Looking to Grasmoor