Return to Whittle Wanderer

Bowes, Gilmonby Moor, Citron Seat, Spanham West Hill, County Durham.
[11.5 km] Wed 04 Mar 2015

OS Grid Ref: NZ 00424 12255
Lat/Long: +54.505614, -01.994956

After an easy drive to Bowes, Co Durham I followed the minor lane south though Gilmonby and on to the cul-de-sac road at Qyarry Hill where I parked the car. The weather was cold with ice on the road and a strong west wind. I walked back along the road and up to West Plantation where I left the road and followed the track towards the moors.

Lovely avenue of trees



The shooting hut

The hut was locked

There snow on the ground making the going difficult at times. Through the gate it was easier walking and in the distance I could see the shooting hut that was one of my objectives. It was in good condition but unfortunately was securely locked. I find it frustrating that some are open and some arenít. They are ideal shelter for walkers. My next objective was to reach the trig post at Citron Seat. For a while I was able to follow a snow track by shooting butts across Gilmonby Moor but above the 400m contour I was struggling through deep snow.

Shooting butts

It was difficult going to the Citron Seat trig post but the views made it worthwhile. There was stile over the wall and on the north side was a substantial track to follow. It continued over Hazel Bush Hill and towards the wonderfully named area called Roman Shrines.

Citron Seat trig post

Distant view of Bowes Castle

I had to cross Eller Beck at a fairly deep ford but managed to hop across the rocks to cross without wading. I followed the track round to the west of Spanham West Hill. In the distance I could see another shooting hut but didnít investigate. I left the track to head east up Spanham West Hill.

Towards Spanham Spar

Over the top were nice views of Spanham Spar and then I reached a rectangular enclosure that is shown on the map. Originally it was a walled enclosure but now there was little left of the wall. I descended to the east and joined a track which I followed NW over the Combs. I came to the farm buildings at Farewell but nobody was about. I was puzzled by the number of cars parked but there were no fresh vehicle tracks indicating occupation. I soon reached the road and my car.

On Spanham West Hill.