Return to Whittle Wanderer

Threlkeld, Blencathra, Scales, Cumbria.
[12.8 km] Fri 16 Jan 2015

OS Grid Ref: NY 31850 25602
Lat/Long: +54.620942, -03.056943

It was windy and snowing as I drove along the A66 from Penrith. The car park at Threlkeld was easy to reach and only had one car on it. It had been there overnight so presumably was a localís. Iíd originally planned to walk over Blencathra in an anticlockwise direction but the wind was westerly meaning Iíd be into a head wind along the summit ridge.

Snowy view just after the start.

I decided to reverse the direction to have the wind behind me. As I set off up the path the falling snow became heavier. I turned left at the main path above Blease Farm and headed west. I couldnít see the main path up the west approach to Blencathra so continued on the lower path along the wall. Eventually I had to leave it and head straight up the fell side to find the correct path.

Blencathra summit ridge

The snow had obliterated most of it but I managed to follow it up to the main path and its zig zag rout up the mountain. Although windy it was an easy steady climb but the summit weather prospects werenít good. The wind was very strong and spindrift whizzed bye. As I walked along the summit I was glad the wind was behind me. Occasionally the cloud would clear slightly revealing the view down to the lower fields. I reached the ordnance Survey trig point at Hallsfell Top which is of a fairly rare construction.

Circular trig point

It is a circular concrete ring at ground level. It was no place to hang around as the temperature was -6degC and strong winds. I continued east to find the descent path towards Scales Fell. It was very indistinct due to the drifting snow. I was heading for Scales Tarn but couldnít see the path as it was under the snow.


Eventually I saw it and had to traverse the steep slope to reach it. I was glad to reach the tarn and an easier gradient. Descending the path at Scales Beck I met two men walking up. There were heading for Sharp Edge which I didnít think was a good idea as it is difficult even in good weather.

Scales Tarn

The path above the River Glenderamackin was a pleasant walk with little wind. I met a few more people on their way up. Down Mousthwaite Comb I took the lower path back to Scales Farm and the path following the old road back to Threlkeld. As I left for the drive home the clouds cleared and I could see the snowy summit under a blue sky.

Little Mell Fell in the distance

The old road

Milepost on the old road

Horse and Farrier Inn, Threlkeld

Unfriendly sign