Return to Whittle Wanderer

Braithwaite, Hobcarton End, Grisedale Pike, Coledale Hause, Crag Hill, Coledale, Cumbria.
[ 16.1 km] Tue 17 Jan 2012

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Braithwaite, Hobcarton End, Grisedale Pike, Coledale Hause, Crag Hill, Coledale, Cumbria.
I decided to walk today as the weather forecast for Wed wasnít too good. I reached the same car park as last week and set off along the road towards Whinlatter Pass. Before reaching the summit I turned off the road at Comb Bridge and headed along the forestry track towards Hobcarton End. I took the right fork then further up a sharp right to where the path leaves the track. There is no marker post and it isnít even marked on the map. The only reason I know where it is is because I descended this route last week. The path up through the trees is fairly well used by walkers and not a problem to follow. Itís a pity that the authorities donít think its worth marking. It is clearly shown in Wainwrightís ĎThe North Western Fellsí guide book under Grisedale Pike 9 and turns out to be, in my view, the best ascent of Grisedale Pike.

decorated Pine on Hobcarton End

Baubles on the Fells

Colourful decoration

Once out of the trees the good path heads straight up to Hobcarton End. Once there the views start to open up nicely. Before crossing the fence I had another look at the lone pine tree and the Christmas tree decorations that festoon it. The weather was still overcast but I could see Grisedale Pike up ahead and followed the path which became less distinct but as the ground was stony and firm that wasnít a problem. The temperature was 2degC and had been previously been sub zero for several days so the ground was frozen iron hard. I reached Grisedale Pike summit and as there was nobody about I spent a few moments looking around. I small collapsed cairn is all that marks the summit but a few metres away is the Ordnance Survey trig point which is a metal sphere set in a block of concrete.

Grisedale Pike trig point

Grisedale Pike

An icy Codale Hause looking towards Grisedale Pike

I descended to the SW and could see work going on far below at Force Crag Mine. There were several vehicles parked but I couldnít see what was going on. As I descended to Coledale Hause I noticed that some of the distant hills had some sun on then and there was blue sky to the east. I continued in hope of some sun reaching me. At the hause I took the ascent path to the south between Grasmoor and Crag Hill. I noticed 2 walkers coming up behind but when I reached the path junction at the pass summit they were nowhere to be seen. I turned left and headed up to the trig post on Crag Hill. Then I noticed the walker approaching from above Eel Crag so they must have taken a more direct route up the ridge. The last time I was here the trig post was badly damaged at the base and several stones were missing. It looks like someone had tried to do a repair job but without mortar in the joints I donít think it will last long.

Trig post on Crag Hill with
Skiddaw in the backgound

Descent from Sail towards Causey Pike

I was in luck. The sunshine had reached me and I was able to walk down to Sail in sunshine, though it didnít bring any warmth with it. Part way down the descent to Outerside I took a minor path to the left and directly down to Force Crag mine area. The path is well made further down and has been constructed to an even gradient. At the mine the vehicles were still there but I couldnít see anyone to ask what sort of work was going on. Iíd now reached the main mine access road which I followed back to the small car park and my car.

Force Crag Mine

Icy grass by the mine track